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As DAHI is one of the leaders in educational sector of Azerbaijan, it takes an active part in the country’s social life. A considerable part of DAHI’s activity is dedicated to various charity actions and humanitarian projects. The Company pays special attention to less-pay-off sections of the population and physically handicapped children



The Project is designed for physically handicapped children to help them to realize that all of them are members of our society enjoying the same full rights. Thus, for example, a considerable progress in overcoming the inferiority complex of deaf-mute children can be achieved by acquiring computer technologies and Internet.
Our Company was the first in Azerbaijan, when in 2002 it worked out and carried out a course on major computer programs and Internet literacy for deaf-mute children.


The aim of the Project is to find gifted teenagers for establishing relations between local and foreign schools and schoolchildren, for educational and cultural exchange between our and foreign students, for providing support and assistance to our students for their study abroad.

In 2003-2004, support by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic and the American Council on International Education ACCELS, we held the Competition “Looking for Talents”, which was the first stage of the Project. More than 5000 students studying at different grades ranging from 6 to 10, from 300 secondary schools of Azerbaijan took part in this competition, and those who reached the finals, could continue their study at courses and special trainings.
E. Gasimov, Deputy Minister of Education of AR, Jeremy Tash, ACCELS Director, heads of 11 district departments of Baku on education, and directors of secondary schools of Azerbaijan took part in presentation of the Project.


The Project “They need us” is one of actions held by DAHI with a special attention and care because it is aimed at providing care to children deprived of parental love. Our employees regularly go to orphanages, inquire about problems of their residents, and provide any moral and material assistance to them. In the office of DAHI we have arranged a special place, where we collect books, toys, clothes and articles of domestic utility for orphanages.


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