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The modern society is called informational by right. We leave in the world releasing information from everywhere and the main collecting, processing and stocking means for it, is informational technologies. Today it is impossible to imagine any human activity and everyday life without using computer technology and software. Computers have become part and parcel not only for separate individuals, but also for offices, companies and entire countries. That is why computer skills and, consequently, computer training, have nowadays become essential for every person, and the time when elementary computer skills will be as necessary as reading and writing is not far off.
To get elementary knowledge on computer operation it is quite enough to take computer courses.

Those, who already have got such skills and wish to improve their qualification, could be interested in computer programming for both amateurs and computer professionals. At DAHI you can take computer courses for construction and industrial designers, programmers, system administrators, accountants etc.

We consider that our main target here is to provide our customers with quality teaching in different fields of professional activity. With us you can either acquire absolutely new profession or improve your skills in the type of activity you have already chosen earlier.

We also offer to your attention:
- Corporate training
- Computer courses specially developed for school children new
- Computer network administration in Linux/Unix new

   Brief description of some programs

Современное общество по праву носит название «информационного». Ведь мы живем в мире со всех сторон пронизанном информацией, основным средством сбора, обработки, и хранения которой являются информационные технологии. Сегодня невозможно представить любую человеческую деятельность, ровно, как и жизнь без использования компьютерной техники и программного обеспечения. Компьютер становится неотъемлемой частью жизни не только отдельно взятого человека, а также офиса, предприятия и государства в целом. Поэтому, умение пользоваться компьютером и соответственно обучение компьютерной грамотности в наш век является крайне обязательным для любого человека и не за горами то время, когда элементарные знания компьютера будут столь обязательными, как умение писать и читать.

 Для того же, чтобы получить начальные знания по работе с компьютером, достаточно пройти компьютерные курсы. Для тех, кто уже умеет работать с компьютером может быть интересно обучение компьютерным программам, как для любителей, так и для специалистов-компьютерщиков для повышения квалификации. У нас вы найдете компьютерные курсы для дизайнеров, проектировщиков, программистов, системных администраторов, бухгалтеров и т. д.
Главной своей задачей мы считаем высококачественное обучение наших слушателей в разных областях профессиональной деятельности. У нас вы можете обучиться совершенно новой профессии или повысить квалификацию в уже выбранном Вами деле.

It is necessary to be good in modern operation system, which is a universal program environment for settling applied problems. For the moment, the most popular operation system in the world is Windows, the product of Microsoft Company.  Skills of work in this operation system are a required minimum for beginning PC userws. 

UNIX/Linux is a multiuser and multitask operational system developed by AT&T Company. The portion of UNIX-systems in modern IT infrastructure is also very big. It may be compared with a portion of Windows at desktops and servers. Traditionally strong points of UNIX-systems are their terrific fail-safety, stability and security, which make them ideal for use in such high-technology and complicated spheres as life-support-systems for astronauts, control on nuclear reactors at NPP, and others.
To be a professional informational technology specialist one must be qualified not only on Microsoft but on UNIX /Linux as well.

One of the most popular computer benefits is its assistance in making texts (from short notes to complicated, from the point of view of formatting, business letters, documents, reports, booklets etc.). MS Word text editor from the Microsoft Office package is the most commonly used computer program for such occasions.

Provision of elementary processing of numerical information (making tables, calculations, diagrams).  The necessity of prompt and correct operations of this type arises when both a family budget is planned and problems in accounting, marketing and other professional spheres need to be solved.  For this purposes MS Excel, a table editor from the Microsoft Office package, is an ideal tool. 

Our life today is absolutely impossible without Internet. Every day millions of people all over the world apply to its inexhaustible resources and fill it with their own information. One of key potentials of Internet is receiving and sending electronic mail, which is provided, in fact, by means of very popular Outlook program from the Microsoft Office package.

While working with any type of information one of the most important tasks is provision of its stocking and analysis. MS Access from the Microsoft Office package is a system of database management, which enables easy and fast finding, extraction and analysis of required information. With the help of this program it is possible to make quite efficiently both a database for smaller companies and information stock for bigger corporations.

This course is designed for PC users willing to master the potential of modern computer graphics. The skills received during training make it possible to create and edit graphic images on your own. For this purpose you use bit-mapped and vector graphics: Adobe PhotoShop and CorelDraw. This is important for illustrations, picture processing, artistic work, design, Web-design and so on.

HTML, Web Design
HTML hypertext documents (pages), which combine texts, pictures and contain references to other pages and files, form the Internet basis. The course is aimed at mastering the Web-site structure and making sites in HTML.

This course has been worked out for teaching basic skills of operation with 3D Studio MAX package, which is one of the best programs for computer design and animation. Classes on 3D Studio Max will teach you a profound project modeling and creation of light and special effects.

ArchiCAD и AutoCAD
Skills taught at courses allow to use 3D model technologies for automation the process of designing construction projects, buildings and other structures with a prompt 3D visualization of intermediate results. Besides, these skills enable the customers to develop designs of residential and non-residential premises on their own.

Do you want to work out your own programs? If the answer is “yes”, then you need С++. An up-to-date language of the object-oriented programming used for establishing multimedia applications is a wonderful tool, which allows to both a beginner and a professional programmer to make a user’s interface to applied programs of absolutely different classes, and these two results will look equally professional. Moreover, C++ allows possible operation with any database, creation of applied programs for Internet and many other things. So, the popularity of this system is absolutely well-deserved.

Nowadays, when so many things depend on steady functioning of accountancy and on efficient and correct handling accounting and financial data, qualification of the specialist operating the programs of accountancy automation is very important. 1C Accounting is a universal program enabling all types of bookkeeping.


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