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   Green Card

Our Company renders services on completion of application forms for those who would like to join the “Green Card” (Diversity Visa Lottery Program) Lottery.

“Green Card” is an authorization for residence and employment in the USA. On completion of a five-year period of living in the USA a “Green Card” owner and members of his family gain the right for American citizenship. With “Green Card” an immigrant may live in the USA for quite a long time without changing his or her citizenship but enjoying almost all rights (except election rights) of a US citizen.

The «Diversity Immigrant Visa» - «DV» visa (visas for immigrants of different nationalities)– issued according to the order of the United States Congress, is realized annually by the US State Department and is conducted in line with the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The Program considers submission of up to 55 000 visas per fiscal year to persons from countries with low level of immigration to the United States of America.
DV applicants are chosen by free selection provided with computer. Visas are distributed between six geographical regions and the majority of visas are allocated to countries with the lowest level of immigration.

The participation conditions for this Program are very simple while the requirements to the application form completion are quite strict.

Any person corresponding to just TWO conditions may join the DV Lottery:
1. A participant must be a native of the country with low US immigration level. Azerbaijani natives are authorized to join the DV Lottery.
2. A participant must have a completed secondary education OR at least two years of work experience.

We offer services connected with correct completion of the application form; we also offer ensuring of participation of your form in the lottery:

- Correct filling of your and your family members’ forms.
- Professional and correct translation of your data in English. This is a very important moment because any single mistake in translation of names, surnames or any other information may cause disqualification of your application, or refusal to issue visas in case if you win.
- Photo correction in accordance with the Lottery requirements.
- Timely completion of the form in the US State Department official site 
- Sending a notification on successful registration to your e-mail address and assigning an      individual lottery number to your data file.

If you need any additional information please contact us.


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