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In DAHI Center you can learn Azeri, English, German French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and other languages.
Here you are offered various multilevel programs with application of the most updated methodologies. You have the possibility to choose a program, which suits your goals and terms most efficiently. Our teachers use the methodology achievements, which enable a perfect formation of language basis. Alongside with this, they introduce the learning aids most recently developed by foreign scientists, which turn each lesson into a small show. It means that you can start your learning process from the level most precisely corresponding to the scope of your knowledge, and you can terminate it as soon as you reach the desired results.

While selecting the program we consider different factors: starting level of knowledge, goals for studying a language, availability of free time and individual characteristics of the student. The classes are arranged in small groups or individually depending on the student’s choice.

   Standard Course

The goal of this multilevel course worked out for students of any age, is to teach a general every-day language. This course is good for both types of students: those who have only elementary knowledge, and the ones, who have higher level of knowledge of this foreign language. Speech structures offered by the course are typical for a modern spoken language, and the course teaches to express thoughts and to maintain conversation correctly and easily. In the process of learning we pay proper attention to all aspects of the language, thus providing efficient and substantial mastering of acquired material. After completing each level our students can speak, understand, write and read fluently and correctly with respect to the level passed. The classes are held within one level of language knowledge out of six available ones, and this level is determined by entrance test results.

   Specialized Course

Specialized courses are offered for those who will use the language in different spheres and fields, such as economy, oil, medicine, law etc. Improvement of all language aspects is realized due to the program reflecting ideas and life of the present-day world. The manuals contain different most frequently used material, which forms language awareness and ability to find solutions in   various situations during work and business contacts. To start this course it is required to have basic level of a studied language (at least the third level).

   Conversation Club

In our Club we have created all conditions for free communication and breaking the language barrier. Here with the help of native-speaking teachers you can develop and progress your conversation skills. Free environment and friendly attitude make the process of learning interesting and fruitful. 

   Very Intensive Program (VIP)

This Program is designed for people who want to learn a foreign language within very short terms. High intensity and application of special methods enable to raise the level of knowledge considerably within one month. The main advantage of the Program is that in the shortest possible period students can master quite a large scope of linguistic material and learn to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. When attending the VIP course students use various audio- and video-materials, interactive technologies of learning, and additional program elaboration. Enrichment of vocabulary, study of grammar rules, development of conversation and perception, reading and writing skills are the compulsory elements of every lesson. All this not only ensures maximum efficiency but also makes the process of learning extremely fascinating.
In spite of the fact that the teaching process pays proper attention to all language aspects, the main target of VIP is still improvement and development of speaking skills. Classes on this Program are provided 5 times a week for 8 hours a day.

   Preparation for International test

DAHI Center provides full preparation of applicants for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT and GRE tests. These courses are arranged for those who want to pass tests successfully and to get higher scores, as these tests are compulsory for study and work abroad. The classes are held in smaller groups and individually.
While preparing to enter a University in a foreign country, it is very important not only to master the proper language but also to learn the “technique” of passing the tests. There is no doubt that an applicant has to adapt to the format of international exams, to consider the factors of timing and possible confusion by using and mastering all available devices. Alongside with this,        preparation for tests should not supplant a serious and profound study of the language proper. For example, it is necessary to pay attention to a specific choice of vocabulary of the corresponding test section. This section contains words, which have been out of use, and are not much familiar even to native speakers.
DAHI’s professional teachers will provide you with full information on details of taking such tests and on preparation for them by applying new methodology and programs.

   Summer Camp

Travel summer program called «Summer Camp» represents a combination of leisure and regular classes of English. And this is not all!
Summer Camp with DAHI will put you in the atmosphere of sport competitions, events, games, contests, fishing, bicycling, walking tours, and evenings by campfire! 
We try to stimulate children’s interest to foreign languages, and for this purpose we use it as a means of communication, and not as a subject of study. 
Training is provided in groups of 10-12 people, and the groups are completed based on the age and knowledge level.

A two-week program includes:
- sport program
- entertainment program: games, competitions, discotheques, concerts, walking tours, evenings by campfire, and fishing;
- full-board meal system;
- comfortable accommodation;
- transfer from/to Baku;

You’ll never be bored with us.

Interesting events, such as creative clubs, sport groups, action and developing trainings, entertainment programs, watching movies and cartoons in cinema halls, discotheques, and many other activities, are waiting for you every day.


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