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Your child will go to school soon. This period and first months of schooling provoke restructure of the entire mode of life of your child. DAHI’s pre-school course helps to get adapted to school conditions, which are new for the child, to acquire necessary skills and knowledge, to form positive attitude to the entire process of study.

Pre-school Training (at the age from 5 to 7)
The aim of the pre-school training is a comprehensive progress of a child:  development of his motivation sphere, intellectual and creative abilities. Our pre-school program classes are worked out on:

1. Native language;
2. Writing skills;
3. English;
4. Mathematics;
5. Natural science;
6. Logics;
7. Psychological training;
8. Developing games;

Teaching the native language is a complex process of development of children’s cognitive and speaking activity. During these lessons children enrich their vocabulary and develop phonemic ear, they are taught sound-and-letter analysis.
Training hand for writing skills means development of motor function and self-control of hands (like finger exercises) in the form of gaming and hatching.
The English language. At classes children will discover a wonderful land, where everybody speaks in English. Their assistants in learning are fairy-tale characters and merry animals. It is easy and funny to learn words, expressions, songs and rhymes with them. Teaching English is based on gaming methods.
Teaching Mathematics is a complex development of logic thinking and mathematical imagination. No matter what subject the child is taught, he or she uses logic way of thinking for cognition activity. At classes children learn to distinguish types of geometric figures, to calculate, to measure, to solve elementary problems, to generalize and to classify.
Familiarization with the surrounding world. Children get informed on biology, geography, zoology and history in an understandable and interesting way. At these classes we use visual aids and special author exercises, which make the process of receiving new information a fascinating event for the child.
Psychological preparation for school provides formation of school motivation, development of logical thinking, of acquiring smaller motor functions, of orientation in space, of speaking skills and of memory, attention and imagination.
Developing games help to transfer to rest in the form of games. Here we practice various group games aimed at different goals, such as: development of activity, exercising smaller motor functions etc. Due to gaming children raise the level of imagination and ability to concentrate attention.

Program for Kids (age from 3 to 4).

We offer a program of comprehensive development of a child, which influences formation of a personality in complex.
This course consists of three blocks aimed at development of:
- mental abilities,
- creative mentality,
- motion.
In the course of gaming children are trained to make decisions on their own, act towards their targets and achieve them.
We introduce to children basic sensor ideas, expand and activate their vocabulary, teach elementary logics, develop their mental and sensor abilities. Alongside with this difficult work we reserve the right of choice and self-expression for these small personalities.
Our major goals are to develop your child’s:
- memory,
- attention,
- thinking,
- imagination,
- will,
- confidence,
- physical abilities

English courses for children (age from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 7)

Our teachers will introduce the English language to your child through gaming. By intensive motion, singing, learning rhymes and poems by heart, and playing drama children will fall into linguistic culture, master elementary speech patterns and fluently speak the foreign language.
The main advantage of our program is that we teach not only speaking but also thinking in English. The child develops language skills, memory, attention and thinking in English easily, without applying any efforts.

 Attention! Dear parents, you may watch our lessons on-line – for this purpose you don’t need to sit in the class-room.  Whether you are at home or in another city, all you need is just a computer connected to Internet. In order to see your  child during the whole lesson, just enter Online Camera at our site, choose the room, where your child is trained at the  moment, and watch.


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