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You can assess the level of your knowledge of computer and foreign languages by taking the online test at our web site. Test results will help you with selection of programs for study.

If you already know the language and want to progress it, you can define your knowledge level maximum precisely. The fact that new knowledge is acquired on the basis of the knowledge previously acquired is especially true for study of foreign languages. This is very important for selecting the mode of study: either individually or in the group, with accessible for you level. There are two main testing forms to test the available knowledge: written (can be taken online at our web site) and oral (can be taken at our training center).

Written test assesses the lexical level, i.e. the scope of your vocabulary, and grammar knowledge.

You can also pass the tests for certification on our web site. To get more information about certification, please contact us.

To start testing, follow below instructions:
1. Please register in our system
2. Fill in the fields of personal information. Please, ensure that your Name, Last Name and Email are filled correctly.  To your email address will be sent activation link.
3. Go to your Email and click the activation link.
4. After registration, select a test from the list below.
4. Enter your username and password into the appropriate fields and start testing.
6. After answering all the questions, you will get the test results.

Good luck!



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